Parents Committee

The Advaith Parent Committee provides many opportunities for parents to participate in Advaith International Academy. The role of the Parents’ Committee is primarily to further the interests of Advaith School.  It strives to help parents and children settle into life at Advaith and ensure everyone is welcomed to the school community.

The Parents’ Committee is open to any parent who would like to offer their time, has a particular skill or social event ideas.  We welcome everyone – both mums and dads! Parents’ Committee members are here to assist parents with the general aspects of school life as well as the social side of being part of a school community. Each class has one or two Parents’ Committee representatives keeping parents up to date on the Parents’ Committee activities and generally being a central point of contact for communications.

They are composed of parents/guardians who work in an advisory capacity with the principal and school administration team. The purpose is for all members to work with the school leadership to enhance student learning and development, and to enrich the educational experience of all children by increasing family and community involvement. The committee will provide the means to facilitate cooperation and to articulate the needs and aspirations of the school community. This collaboration will be instrumental in achieving the school’s primary goal – ensuring the best possible learning opportunities for students. This makes Advaith unique and the top school in Hosur.

We create a secure, caring foundation from which pupils feel emboldened to venture out, to explore the world and themselves.

Advaith Parents’ Committee consists of the following members :
  • In accordance with requirement or the tradition of the school APC has seven members and their terms of service lasts for three years and eligible to be elected again.
  • Parents of children attending the school, or parent representatives/guardians are eligible to be elected as parents’ committee member.
  • APC members do not receive payment related to their service.
Parents’ Committee - 1
Parents’ Committee - 2
How do Successful Advaith Parents’ Committees work ?

A successful APC is one in which all stakeholders—parents/guardians, teachers, students, –are committed to collaboration. Principal/ the School administration team are charged with the responsibility for making decisions that affect the school. However, to continue to ensure those decisions best meet the needs of the school community, the principal/ the school administration team is responsible for including the APC in a collaborative process as specified under the committee’s roles and responsibilities.

  • The APC assists theprincipal in an advisory role. The committee addresses broad issues related to the education of all children in the school, with the goal of enhancing student learning. Primarily these issues arise from input, discussions and study of the school improvement plan.
  • In accordance with its responsibilities, the committee’s suggestions and recommendations assist the principal in making decisions at the school.
  • The major role of the APC is to give advice regarding the establishment, implementation and monitoring of the school improvement plan. This includes helping the school by advising on: aspects of learning that need to be improved; the priority of those identified learning areas; and strategies/actions that focus on those areas chosen to improve learning. As well, the APC gives advice on the school improvement plan during its implementation and after the review of its results.
  • The principal presents information and school reports including improvement plan to the APC. Based on school reports and priorities as identified in the school improvement plan, the APC is requested by the principal to offer ideas, opinions and/or recommendations for action.
  • Strategies for ensuring the sustainably of the school mission, vision and values,
  • Strategies for establishing school policies related to education,
  • Strategies for providing communication between the school and parents, and encouraging parents involvement in the school,
  • Strategies for developing a school climate and conditions to improve the quality of learning and teaching within the school,
  • Strategies for establishing a positive pupil climate within the school, and
  • Strategies for improving school
  • Call for parents committee meetings
  • Organizing and conducting parents meetings
  • Arranging talks on topics of interest to parents, e.g. guest speaker on parenting/discipline etc
  • Providing support/organizational input to major school events,
  • Channelling parents views on school policy issues to the Principal
  • Organizing teachers development workshops and training
  • Organizing Alumina office
  • Organizing scholarship programs for students
The Advaith Parents’ Committee shall :
  • Review the results of the school performance report,
  • Advise the principal of the school in the development of school policies prepared in accordance with district and regional policies,
APC members are successful when they :
  • Focus on the collective needs of students in the school;
  • Promote open and effective communication;
  • Commit to partnership;
  • Encourage full parental involvement; and
  • Establish and adhere to a conflict resolution mechanism

Advaith Parents’ Committee welcomes parents and children to Advaith, a gateway to a united and beautiful future!