Sports Day

The value of athletics in schools is significant and cannot be overlooked. It has a profound impact on students, schools, and communities. Athletics is powerful because it bridges gaps, brings people who otherwise might not interact together, and provide opportunities not available elsewhere. A sound mind resides in a sound body. Sports and games help in large muscle coordination resulting in physical fitness apart from inculcating sportsmanship, leadership, unity and competitive spirit among the students. Our Sports Day celebration provides a great platform to the athlete-students to showcase the spirit of sportsmanship. The students enter the spirit of the occasion in a grand way and the bright sunny day witnesses of a plethora of sports competitions in over 18 athletic events. This event works as a medium to channelize the abundant energy of children in the right direction and help them discover their interests in outdoor activities. A special prize distribution ceremony is also hosted for all the participants and winners which motivates them to continue proving their mettle in this field. Every year, Advaith school in Hosur distributes over 500 medals on Annual Sports Championship for students of K – 12 in order to motivate students multi-dimensionally.

Career and Relationship Opportunities

Many young students dream of one day playing sports professionally and grow up being inspired by their own heroes. Though very few students go pro, many continue to value athletics for a lifetime. This is often because playing a sport provides opportunities that nothing else can including opportunities outside of athletics. Top tier athletes receive scholarships to attend university and continue their athletic and professional careers. Athletics provide opportunities through relationships. Players in a team often grow close and form lasting bonds, bonds that can support students well beyond high school or college. Staying connected can also afford people job and mentorship opportunities or it could simply provide them with life-long friends.

The Power of School Pride

At Advaith, we know that school pride makes more positive environment, and athletics is often a building block of promoting this pride. Matches are scheduled to rally a school together in support of the team. The comradery and togetherness created when during our matches and events are collectively proud of their athletes and is nothing short of outstanding and there are many life lessons for students to learn through these behaviors.

Comradery and Togetherness

Advaith students put their individual differences aside to yell and cheer loudly together in support of our teams, a feat that otherwise might not be possible. For the athletes, there is perhaps nothing more encouraging than seeing a sea of friends and chanting classmates rooting for them; for those in the student section, there is nothing more rewarding than lifting others up. Advaith school pride of course creates bonds between individuals and their school but it also creates bonds between individuals. These deep and meaningful connections are made possible by athletics and so much bigger than a school itself on Sports Day as well as on other days. Often, student-athletes are encouraged to show support for other student-athletes

Student Motivation

Athletics can serve as a powerful academic motivator for all athletes, especially those not otherwise inclined to perform to the best of their ability in the classroom. There are many students who see school as secondary to athletics, but coaches and families often require minimum academic performances of students before they are permitted to play. This teaches athletes to value their classes and earn the privilege of playing sports. Athletics serve as motivation not only to perform at a certain academic standard but also to stay out of trouble. Athletes know that if they get in trouble, there is a reasonable chance that they will be suspended for all or part of an upcoming game by their coach and school administrators. The prospect of playing sports has long been a powerful deterrent from making wrong choices for many student-athletes.

Essential Life Skills

Athletics teach students essential skills that they will use throughout their lives. The following are some of the most important.

This is defined as giving it everything you have in both practice and games. Effort can overcome many obstacles on and off the field. Students learn to apply themselves to challenges and always do their best through sports. Life lesson: Give your all no matter what and always believe in yourself.
It is the preparation you put into becoming a better player before the game is played that ultimately determines how well you will play. Strength and endurance training, individual practice, film study, and mental focus are just a few of the ways student-athletes prepare to perform. Life lesson: Preparation is key to succeeding in anything. If you work hard to prepare, you will achieve.
Self-discipline is the ability to maintain and carry out the role coaches have assigned you within a game plan. This includes understanding your own individual strengths and weaknesses enough to capitalize on what you do well and improve where you fall short. Life lesson: Stay on task to get the job done.
Teamwork involves working with others to achieve a goal. A team is only successful when each individual fulfils their role. Life lesson: Working with others is an essential part of life and something to learn to do well. Cooperate to avoid problems and reach goals.
Time management
This is the ability to fulfil all obligations to practice, homework, family, friends, extracurriculars, and more. This skill doesn't always come easily to students and might take time to cultivate. Life lesson: You must be well-balanced and learn to juggle all aspects of your life or you will not be able to fulfil every expectation you have on yourself and placed on you by others.