School Captain’s Welcome

Hello and welcome! I am pleased that you are reading us. As we all continue to evolve with time, choices we make have an everlasting impact on our families, world and its future! I’m glad I made the right choice to evolve at Advaith! It’s inspiring and gratifying how Advaith nurtures and prepares us by bringing all of us together with immense opportunities, equalities amid diversities. At Advaith, every day is a better day because it adds value to me in meaningful ways.  It’s incredible what Advaith can do beyond academics from fostering our leadership responsibilities and qualities and unlocking our undiscovered talents, potentials and capabilities! Life here is self-driven in assistance with excellent team of teachers and enablers. I have been able to witness my every day journey exponentially progress academically, mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.

We organize large festivals as well as academic and sporting championships for students that invite 1000s across Hosur and Bangalore to engage, learn, compete, emerge and network with! Advaith’s Global Voice Summit lines up leaders from Harvard, Stanford Universities, American Air Force and across the global spectrum to interact and learn from. With the confidence, will, strength, wisdom, character and spirit Advaith has architected in me, I am and therefore excited and prepared to step into the world and contribute towards global development. Academics, leadership, sporting, MUN, researching and acting are some of my favorites I love, enjoy and embrace. At Advaith, I don’t feel away from parents because my school has a pleasant, loving, safe, secured, comfortable, vibrant and harmonious ambience. I share soulful relationships with my amazing friends, proficient teachers and parenting Principals.

You are embarking on an exciting journey; however, this excitement also brings with it a lot of anxiety.  Through this mix of anxiety and excitement, there are three things that have worked out well for me which I would like to share with you today.

Point Number 1:

Be yourself – Do not let other people define your destiny – define your own destiny. Identify a career or an area within your field of study that you are very passionate about and go for it and give it all your energy. Professionally, it really doesn’t matter what field you get into – it may be in health sciences, engineering, business, education just to mention a few – the point is whatever it is, go for it and demonstrate the best performance. So many times we wait for other people to define who we are and what we should be and never get a chance to do it ourselves. This is an unfortunate state of affair since the creator crafted us thoughtfully and beautifully each endowed with unique virtues which we need to exploit to the make maximum.

Point Number 2:

Do not spend too much time worrying about failure.  This has been an important aspect of life to me and my classmates where more than 95% of what we do fail. In many fields, the success rate might be higher but it will still be there. Today, I would like to reinstate to all of you the fact that failure will always be part of your lives and for that reason the best way to treat failure is to think of it as merely a dress rehearsal to success. Don’t be discouraged in your life to a point that you cannot complete a task in hand for the fear of failure – actually, to make everyone feel better, let me inform you that many great people have failed at one time or the other in their lives – case in point – Albert Einstein who is considered as the smartest person that ever lived, failed in his first set of college entrance exam. He however repeated it, passed and went to become the greatest scientist of 20th century. Let us all learn from those who were there before us that failure is not a condemnation in life: it is bound to happen at one time or the other in our lives but if we confront it in the right way, we will inevitably convert it into success.  Friends, in life don’t give up – if you fall, wake up shake off the dust and keep on moving

Point Number 3:

Focus – When Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, the two richest men in the world, were asked to single out the most important factor that led to their success in life, they both unanimously pointed out to focus. You should give maximum attention to things that matter most to you in life – things that you want to succeed in. Identify a few things that you have a great passion for and perform them repeatedly with focus. As the writer Malcolm Gladwell beautifully puts it in his book “the outlier”, “if you want to succeed, you should do one thing a million times rather than doing I millions things just one time”. That is how athletes and other professionals become successful in their endeavors.

My fellow students, Advaith International Academy has done a great job in scaling education to greater heights – you are part of that effort and you are well equipped to tackle the major issues that face the future and the world at large – go out there and make a difference, The worst thing any one of us can do is to enter this world, consume and deplete what exists and depart without making a difference.  If you are an accountant, be the best accountant there can ever be, if you are a nurse, be the best heath care giver we have ever had and so on and on for the other professionals.

Advaith creates memories and learnings for a lifetime with endless opportunities to be a better version of myself! Joining Advaith has been the best decision I’ve made so far and thanks to my parents! I’m excited to see what you will become of at Advaith. Come on and unravel your story and make Advaith your home away from home. Welcome home to Advaith!

I wish you all a great success in whatever you do and may God bless you and may you live an abundant life.