Graduation Day

Advaith School in Hosur celebrates Graduation of Kindergarten, Grade X and XII before the end of the academic year. Each year, hundreds of students are celebrated with warm memories of their past and graduating them to big dreams for the future. Therefore, graduation is a time to celebrate and welcome new beginnings and be contended for all the reasons to smile for our past. Our ceremony is made of of inspirational speeches from our School Principal, Chief Guests, Captains, Graduate Students and our special teachers who taught those students throughout their learning journey at Advaith International Academy. Our students as well gave their speeches which were full of love and appreciation to everyone who helped them achieve that awesome success. We celebrated all students’ success on the academic, social and behavioural aspects and we honoured our star students who achieved outstanding results.


Each year, Advaith pledges to gift the world over hundreds of committed young men and women, who walk out of the portal knowing that they would forever reap the benefits of what they had learnt in their time at their second home known as Advaith School in Hosur. The ceremony begins with the students being led on to the stage by the School Captain followed by the auspicious ceremony lit by the lamp. The school captains speaks on behalf of the graduating batch. At Advaith, we remind our students on how vital it is to lead a life of high discipline which is the greatest mark of a Advaithian. Students are recognized and awards are given out to the Captains and other graduates for their exceptional all round, leadership qualities and services contributed throughout their schooling career at Advaith.

Advaith International Academy had its first graduating class in 2016, and every year since then we have celebrated the commencement of exceptional young learners and leaders, and watch them embark on fulfilling lives filled with purpose. Our Graduation Day is a chance to recognize their achievements, their successful completion of High School. It is a mark of the end of one phase of their lives and a door opening to high life. Our graduates go in to their futures every year, and although it’s always hard to see them leave, it fills the entire school with pride to see what they have achieved and what they will do next. Our Grade 12 graduates choose top colleges and universities  and we endeavour to stay connected with them, long beyond graduation, through our alumni network.

Grades X & XII

Kindergarten graduation is an exciting milestone for pre-primary children as it’s their first step towards a future full of hopes and possibilities. It marks a new beginning that adds new dimensions to their school life and the journey they begin towards knowledge and education. To celebrate progression and development, Advaith celebrates Graduation Day with several stage performances portraying yearlong learning of the UKG students. The programme begins with a welcome song presented by the students of Kindergarten. Performances include dance and drama on tunes of some vibrant music instrumentals displaying breath taking colours with highly coordinated movements that promptly set the tone and mood of the atmosphere to an all-time high. Their energetic booming and clapping coaxed the enthusiastic parents to sway to its lively beats. The most important part of the celebrations witnesses KG students walking on the stage for their KG convocation. Their smiling faces welcomed by rapturous applause from the audience as they received scrolls of merit on the dais.  It is indeed a joyous and memorable day for the little ones as they receive their Graduation certificates from our dignitaries. Kindergarten Graduation is a celebration that marks the journey of a child to a school in which they will be spending 12 long years facing ups and downs and experimenting and exploring new ideas and things and shaping themselves into tomorrow’s leaders.