Daniel Dake Jr.

Daniel Dake Jr.

In Daniel’s community in Lagos, Nigeria, many young people are not enrolled in school due to tuition fees and other school-related costs, which they cannot afford. With a lack of guidance, education and vocational training, young Nigerians often turn to crime, violence and drugs. Daniel was fortunate to receive free graphic design training and mentorship from a professional in his community. Mastering skills and receiving direction prevented Daniel from making self-destructive choices.
In January 2016, he formed Teens for Change to give other young Nigerians the same chance at opportunities for a positive path forward. Teens for Change inspires, educates and empowers at-risk street Nigerian youth by providing them with an education and vocational training free of cost. Teens for Change has impacted 2,500+ young Nigerians in Lagos with their educational center, leadership seminars and workshops. They have supported 150 students to complete a secondary education and an additional 100 students to go on to higher education.
In 2019, Daniel was selected as a Sozo Youth in Development Boot Camp Fellow, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria. In 2020, he is working to educate students on grassroots movements and encourage them to take on leadership positions within their communities. Daniel also plans to work with his state’s government to integrate vocational training into the educational curriculum. In the future, he hopes to open Teens for Change centers in all Nigerian states. He will be joining 36 Changemakers from 6 continents at the Just Peace Summit in NY.
Daniel Dake addressed our students for a period of 90 minutes and inspired them to be activists in a social cause their instincts spark a deep purpose for a greater change of the world. Some of the biggest social changes the world needs to address and progress are ; gender equality, right to food, animal rights, climate change, right to education, right to healthcare, nonviolence, capitalism among 1000s of issues. Thank you Daniel!