Library is known to be an academic place for students to use for the purpose of their study and knowledge widening.Our library is designed so well to attract even those children who dislike reading.Annual prize for highest number of books along with written summarization are awarded to encourage reading and establish a bond with library. The school library is equipped with journals,magazines,periodicals,fiction,non-fictional covering wide range of genres.Books related to respective grades and subject to help provide extra knowledge and information apart from curriculum are part of the collection.Regular updates of new issues are in place.Some of our library headlines:

  • Well ventilated, spacious library
  • Over 1700 books and counting on diverse subjects
  • Informative books are always being updated as per developments
  • Comfortable seating arrangement
  • Subject wise reference books,encyclopedia and specimen copies
  • Overall enriching learning and reading experience
  • Visual aids like CDs,maps and category wise charts are available to support their learning needs
  • National and regional newspapers are added daily
  • Weekly and timely magazines such as Magicpot,Gokulam,Readers'Digest and Jinkle to widen their experience.


  • Address:
    Advaith International Academy
    No:19-A, HIG
    Avalapalli HUDCO
    Tamil Nadu-635109
  • Email:
  • Call: +919524128269

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